Our experienced and well trained executive protection services and personal security details (PSDs) are not merely hired on the basis of physical size as is commonplace in the celebrity world. Our PSD operators are recruited, screened, and trained….



Years of combined certified training and experience enables Trifecta Security Group officers to interact professionally with the general public and confront criminal elements and other unexpected security challenges when situations arise.



Trifecta Security Group has the ability to  manage hotels, museums, country clubs or resorts.   There is nothing more important than your guest’s or visitor’s experience. The Trifecta team understands the industry and caters to its special needs.


about us

“… We are proud to have highly trained oficers to be discrete when the situation dictates. On other occasions, deterrence through a show of force provides the best protection. This is why we offer both high and low profile security teams. The threat level, threat type, and your requests determine our action level. Our teams train and can deploy with equal effectiveness in suits, casual wear, or tactical gear. Our PSD operators easily adapt to any environment to complete the mission. When the logistics demands, we offer fully armored suburbans for your transportation needs. These vehicles provide the highest level of protection, but appear ordinary to the casual observer. Whether it be a business trip to islands, or an elegant night out on the town, our clients are secure.

Why Choose Us

AWe create andd provide a professional environment that can deploy our combined years of experience and skills to the forefront to help secure others.

BWe offer a vast array of backgrounds ranging from military, police, and private sector backgrounds. We designate the appropriate skill sets for each individual contract if and when the contract is accepted. Trifecta strives to create secure environments to allow good people to exercise their freedoms.

COur client’s confidentiality is held to the utmost discretion. Our clients require security for many reasons and most wish to remain anonymous. Because of this, it is our company policy to NEVER discuss our clients outside of the Trifecta grid.